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    The Biggest Mistake

    LUCKIEST Guide

      The biggest mistake is starting too late.

      Most of us (including me) wait way too long to realize it's time for a change. I've been there too.

      You may recognize the warning signs like the ones I had:

      -- No longer excited about sharing my logo and website with the world.
      -- Clients said, "That website just isn't you."
      -- Not being excited about starting my morning.

      Why do we wait so long?

      Usually we have excellent reasons. For one thing, we're busy. (I certainly was.)

      And of course we have an investment in the past.


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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Very interesting thread, Luckiest!  I am sure than many can relate to this - and hope they will accept the invitation to join in with their thoughts.  And I feel more than certain that we know those who continue to trudge along in their present position, just making it through the day - just getting by.


          What sort of a nudge would it take to get someone to take the next step - even if the next step was looking around to see what of interest lay 'out there'.  We are always told we should follow our passion.  Often that passion dims and we continue to follow.  Think about it: what would it take to get you to consider a change?  Could be an entire job change or some work changes to make your work more exciting.



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            moderator_ani Adventurer

            Hi Luckiest,


            That is so true! When the passion fizzles out, the business will simply drift and this is apparent in your body language, some other tell tale signs are

            - Not managing inventory efficiently

            - Delays in payments

            - Backlog of accounting or clerical work.


            I was talking to a friend who made the switch, in response to my question about why he made the decision, he said the answer lies in your question. "I wanted to do it when people asked Why, and not Why does he not close down".