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    Need Help advertising

    The Expert Adventurer
      Hi Everyone

      The link to our web site is

      All of a sudden our number of hits have gone down by 10%. Not sure why ? Can any body tell me why ?

      This month we are going to donate all our proceeds to a non for profit that helps the disabled.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Tell us more. This is your business and therefore you are the Expert.
          How long have you been in business?? Do you have an Accountant??
          Have you made any changes in Personnel?? Advertising??
          Is there new competition?? You are the expert, it is your business
          so you have to give us some input and then we can tell you why.
          It is also GREAT that you will be donating this months proceeds,
          BUT are you getting FREE PUBLICITY that you are doing so??
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            OK_Toner Newbie
            LUCKIEST makes a good point.

            But what I want to know is your website listed in all of the search engines? How about using Google AdWords to help boost your internet traffic? How are you promoting your website???

            We use promotional products with our website on them. I have posted the name of the person that helped us on other posts. I don't want to keep posting her info in fear someone might think I'm spamming this forum. You can contact me for her contact info. I know she can help you too.

            Best of luck and hope business picks up for you.

            Oklahoma Ink & Toner Company
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                The Expert Adventurer
                Thanks for your comments

                At the present time the sole purpose of is to collect funds for Non for Profits and worthy causes at NO cost to the end user.

                The best marketing for this has been 'word of mouth'

                Googld ad words was not very helpful.
                No recent design changes were done
                We continously update the data
                Our IT Team has done a great job with Search Engine Optimization

                We provide Free Event postings for all the cities all over the US

                Obviously we are missing something...

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                    The Expert Adventurer
                    Has any one used a mass email campaign ? How do you avoid being labelled as spam ?
                    Any thoughts any one ?
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                        MnlyTechnlgy Adventurer
                        TheExpert - I'd like to know more about mass e-mail campaigns myself. I've tried contacting people directly through e-mail from a mailing list I purchased, however I think many e-mails were probably filtered out by SPAM filters. Does anyone have info on how to get around being filtered out as SPAM?
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                            WWS_Creative Newbie

                            There are various ways to make sure that your e-mails are being delivered and not flagged as SPAM. First you have to understand that there are a few different things that affect the overall SPAM "rating" of an e-mail.

                            First, common SPAM filters such as those found in Microsoft Outlook as well as personal e-mail servers such as Yahoo! and AOL will automatically take notice of your message if it contains HTML. 95% of marketers use HTML, of course, so the filter will then look for tell-tale SPAM signs such as excessive use of capitalization or exclamation points.

                            Second, the "from" name and e-mail address are very important. SPAM filters are likely to block an address that contains a lot of numbers (ex:

                            Third, having a lot of images or complex tags in your HTML could also set off an alarm with the SPAM filters.

                            Finally, individual user activity will have an effect on your SPAM "rating". Programs such as Microsoft Outlook are built to remember user actions. So, if you send me an e-mail and I delete it without reading it, the next time you send me something it will likely go into my Junk folder. Furthermore, on personal e-mail servers if I were to receive your message and mark you as SPAM, you will have to have roughly 1000 delivered e-mails to counteract that single SPAM flag.

                            If you'd like to discuss this further, or speak about various options to avoid SPAM filtering, please let me know.

                            Take Care,
                            Worldwide Solutions
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                      The Expert Adventurer

                      The purpose of is to help the community.
                      No ulterior motives
                      What is the best way to communicate this to people ?
                      Any thoughts ?
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                        Image402 Newbie
                        Have you advertised on TV? If not, you may be able to increase your donations by doing so. We are a Video Production and Broadcasting company. If you really want to reach the public, go into their homes and let them know about your company and the services you provides.
                        Most small businesses feel like a commercial is so out there budgets. It most cases they are. Some commercials can cost up to 1,000,000 or more for a :30sec spot, and production will be another 100,000 dollars or more. And people really pay these prices because they know it works.
                        If you want to gain the 10% you lost, you may need to expand your marketing ideas a little more. It is time for your company to grow larger.
                        We can help you write, produce, cast models or actors, provide lights, sound, edit, and broadcast your commercial on TV 23 times in your local area with the option of playing your commercial during an NBA basketball game, most people will be watching and it's great for charity.You may come back to us and countinue to air your commercial on TV for very low prices.

                        Thanks for reading,

                        Anthony Davis
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                          Spamfork Wayfarer
                          I did a quick review of your site to see if there were any blatent SEO issues. In short, I found link after link that delivered 404 errors. Even central navigational links like your Malls link at the top is 404. Check your web stats to see if your 404 errors have gone up by 10%. If not then it still could be your issue b/c 404 pages will be dropping out or have dropped out of the index. I have not connection to this company but they have a great little link checker that I recommend. Xenu Link Sleuth

                          Aside from that - it appears that your site is basically one big affliate link farm. Over time without more original content the engines will come to realize that - and will de-position your rankings.

                          Best of Luck -

                          Feel free to update your company profile on - the leading business research site with 35 million free company profiles & 4 million visitors per month...
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                            2NextLevel Newbie
                            If you're just in a local market, I'd suggest issuing a few simple press releases. Most areas have a few business or social websites/ services that will let you post a press release for free. It will at least get you some more exposure, and it will take just a short time to do the research and write something.

                            On the technical side, my guess is in line with one of your other responses, in that your site is probably been identified as a directory by search engines and your ranking has gone down.

                            Good luck.
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                              go_here Newbie
                              You need to get in contact with my people at
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                                intechspecial Ranger
                                Why ask someone when you could find the answer yourself?



                                A google analytics account will help.
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                                  unclefester Wayfarer

                                  I went to your site to check it out and went ahead and joined so that I could write a review about a local winery, but my reveiw got kicked out for some reason. You need to talk to your IT guys to get some of these problems resolved. Other than that the site looks pretty good.

                                  Good luck.

                                  Tim aka uncle fester
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                                    Analysights Newbie

                                    When you say the number of "hits" has decreased by 10%, do you really mean the number of "visits"? Those two terms are not synonymous. All images and media embedded on a page can have their own hits, so a Web page will average almost 25 hits on a server, when in fact only one visit was actually made. You're almost always better off measuring visits over hits.

                                    A good way to keep track of your Web traffic is Google Analytics. It's free and it will help you track interesting statistics such as most common pages viewed, number of visits, number of unique visitors, common keywords, average time spent on site, number of pages viewed, etc. You can generate reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This can be very helpful when trying to assess the impact of any promotions you've made regarding your Web site. Regular monitoring from these reports will also help you pinpoint specific periods when your traffic has gone down, helping you to diagnose the cause.

                                    Once you have this Web analytics tool in place, you can try different ways to promote your site, and if you notice a lift in your traffic shortly after, you will get a good idea for which promotional tactics are most effective for building and/or restoring your web traffic.

                                    Let me know if I can provide further information.

                                    Good luck.

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                                      TifSolutions Newbie

                                      I have worked with a company very similar to yours and they did a huge online advertisement schedule. They also did some print but not much. When you notice the decrease, were you making any changes? (Site layout, information change and so on). I have a proven record of increase business for companies. If you can send me more information ( I can tell you what you can do to increase your business.

                                      Tif Solutions
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                                        president Newbie
                                        I am in the process of developing a large tract of lake view (Dale Hollow Lake) land.
                                        In total I will never have more than 50 lots for sale. I would like to send my brochure (in the works) to a very limited amount of carefully choosen addresses in the larger cities within no more than 250 miles from the development. I was thinking of people with a certain level of income, job description, age etc living in what could be called an 'upscale' zip code area.
                                        I plan to price the lots at a very reasonable price (reasonable for the area but especially reasonable in view of a typical lake view lot )
                                        Any suggestions?
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                                          cpj711 Newbie
                                          I took a look at the sute and i did find information on my city. I like to talk to you.Email me your phone number to and put in subject line need help advertising