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    Slash Careers

    LUCKIEST Guide

      You may have heard the term "slash careers," where people work with two types of careers.

      A slash career means that you have a day job that brings in most of your income, but have a second job or self-employment gig that also brings in revenue.

      For instance I once knew a highly-regarded professor who also played in a Greek band on weekends. He played at weddings, funerals and parties.

      He effectively lived in two worlds. His bandmates didn't really understand his academic job. His academics barely realized his musical talent.

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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          This is a great post! I've never heard the term "slash careers. I agree, it can be very fulfilling to have a second, completely separate, career. When I was younger I ran lights for a semi-local band on the weekends. Great fun, and completely different from my day job. It allowed for a bit of travel, fun companionship, entertainment, some free meals and drinks, and great exercise and experience.


          Have any of you juggled more than one career? How did that work for you? Did you enjoy one more than the other? Were there any drawbacks?



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            moderator_ani Tracker

            Hi Luckiest,


            "Slash careers" is a first time for me too!


            Managing two careers is never easy, but the journey is exciting and worth every moment of it.


            I could never have done it without the support of my family and friends. While we do attempt to juggle the work-life balance as best as we can, pretty often, its friends and family who have to take the hit. Also, I was fortunate that one job allowed me flexibility so I could accommodate the deadlines of the other job, but many may not be so fortunate. Looking back, it does leave you with a sense of fulfillment