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    A Dilemma

    LUCKIEST Guide

      A Q&A column in Forbes online introduced a dilemma from a mid-career manager.

      He's applying for a job in a city. He lives 45 miles away. He doesn't mind the commute. He'd be willing to move closer to the city, once he gets a job.

      But employers are leery of hiring him. They fear he'll be delayed by snow and ice. And they wonder,

      "Why would anyone want to live out in the middle of nowhere?"

      The columnist, Liz Ryan, provided a good solution. Get a PO Box in the city and use that as your address.

      You'll get very little correspondence by surface mail anyway. Nowadays it's all email, text and phone.

      If asked, "Where do you live?" the applicant can say, "I'm staying in the suburbs for now. When I get a new job, I'll decide where to live."

      He's being truthful. He's just not disclosing personal information.

      Interesting solution, LUCKIEST

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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          This is a great suggestion for anyone trying to coordinate relocation and securing employment, for whatever reason. This is an obstacle many people face for a variety of reasons, and simple solutions are sometimes hard to see when we're right in the thick of it. Thanks for sharing!