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    Help promoting online family-friendly children's e-bookstore

    qbooks Newbie
      Hello, I am the owner of a new company called Qutessy Books. We are an online family-friendly
      e-bookstore that sells children's short stories written by aspiring young authors. I would like to set up signings and readings at local bookstores and libraries as well as make a few radio appearances to promote my online business. I believe this is a worthy endeavour and I believe our books can help encourage children to read more and because our stories are not only interesting but lesson-rich, I believe that parents would get their money's worth for our books. Before I begin making public appearances, I would like to generate more publicity for Qutessy Books. I have begun putting up several posters on the poster boards in local grocery stores but the process seems daunting considering how enormous the country is and how many people do not stop to read posters. I am aware of Yahoo and Google's advertising services but I feel as though I am missing something. I know it takes a while to build a reputation and generate significant publicity but I was wondering if there are other ways I can accelerate the process. Any helpful advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          qbooks, welcome to this web site. You have a way with words.
          Have you ever been published?? Where are you located??
          YES there are other ways you can accelerate the process.
          Let me list a few and then go back to them.
          Public Speaking
          A News story about

          Think "outside the box"

          Lets start with SCORE. SCORE helps people in business FREE, both online and in person.
          They can help you develop a Business and Marketing Plan and more FREE

          Public speaking at your local book store. Visit your local book store and see if
          you can have a book signing or book review or whatever you want to call it.
          Hopefully FREE publicity in your local newspaper about the event.
          Little cost to you, (cheese. cookies and soda).
          If that works, additional talks at libraries and bookstores in surrounding towns.

          Finally (bad word) (I am just getting started). Again talk to your local newspaper about
          an event that you and your company are sponsoring to help the CHILDREN.
          A FREE story is great publicity.
          If you can throw in some thing FREE it would help.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              qbooks Newbie
              Thanks a lot Luckiest, I really appreciate your advice. The fact that you re-iterated my publicity plans and added a few other suggestions I am considering, has greatly motivated me. In response to your questions, Qutessy Books is based out of Maryland and I have always had a passion for reading and writing. I have enjoyed being immersed in a good book for as long as I can remember so this is a natural business niche for me. I have done my research and stopped by a SCORE office and other supportive Small Business organizations. Most of them have not only been unhelpful but discouraging. I see that you are affliated with SCORE, I find your encouragement re-assuring so I will definitely be stoping by a Small Business Association office. Thank you.
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              The Expert Adventurer
              Try advertising your promotional events at

              And if you want to target a particular city - try advertising on their city pages - only $50 for the WHOLE YEAR !