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    Share your best one

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Now that you have been a business owner for a while now - perhaps even years, what ONE tip did you get that has proven to be the most helpful to you and/or your business?  Does it pertain to getting your business started?  Making sure you plan for family time?  Something  to help with employing staff?  Or something else?


      Would this valuable tip be one that you would pass on to someone beginning their business?  Tell us what it is.



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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          This is a great question, Cathy. I hope to see more than a handful of answers, because I think every new business owner occasionally feels daunted when faced with decisions or dilemmas.


          To answer your question, the single most beneficial piece of advice I received starting out was not to over-promise in an effort to please a customer. Be completely honest about the expectations and requirements of the task so you can deliver the best results possible in a realistic time frame.


          The other best piece of general advice I received was to have a realistic business plan in place, and stick to it. If you find yourself straying or adding things to your workflow, it's time to update the business plan. Your business plan helps you present your company to the people who will be the most help as you grow, so it should be updated as the scope of your business changes.



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            moderator_ani Tracker

            Great topic, Cath!


            If you're going to start a business and are in for the long haul, you need to be passionate about it. Many business fail because the entrepreneur loses focus, so essentially, chose the business you will love doing!