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    How Team Chat App Can Improve Communication In A Remote Team

    Liana Kailey Adventurer

      35% of the American workforce is made up of freelancers (Up Work). Many startups and even MNC’s hire freelancers from various countries and constitute a remote team to work on their projects.


      Many companies have come to realize that remote teams not only boost productivity but are also cost-effective. The ability to work from the comfort of their home at flexible working hours is the major reason behind the rising remote team culture.


      However, one major issue in working within a remote team is lack of proper communication with other team members. Different time zone and no credible tool for communication among team members is the major reason behind improper collaboration.


      Enter Into Team Chat App


      The best way to improve communication among remote teams is using a Team Chat App. Creating a native chat app for your company can improve the productivity of your employee’s many folds.


      I have listed out the ways in which you can use a group chat app to increase communication among members of a remote team.

      Video Conference

      Video Conference is one of the easiest ways to conduct team meetings when the members are part of a remote team. A few years ago Skype was the only means for a video conference. But now the situation has changed drastically and tools like Google Hangouts, Whatsapp made it easy to make a video call right from your smartphone.


      When you use a team chat app, you can make secure voice and video calls over encrypted channels and collaborate easily. If a member of your team is on the other side of the globe, it would be good to schedule a video a call at noon, for the sake of convenience. 

      Create Task Groups

      Assigning Tasks and keeping track of each, is one of the nightmares of remote team managers. But this can be streamlined by using team chat app. Team managers can create groups based on tasks and add users to the task groups and assign roles for each employee. This way, it is easy to keep track of the progress and increase productivity.

      Add a To-Do List

      Another great way to keep track of tasks is to add a To-Do list and assign them to each team member. Once the task is over, the members can update the status of the ongoing work through a voice note or text message.

      Share Files Instantly

      In traditional work culture, email was the only medium for communication. Important reports, files, and data sheets have to be shared only through email, which can easily get lost or mistaken as a junk mail.


      When using a team chat app, if a teammate needs a file, he or she just have to send an instant message requesting the file and other members can instantly share files and the recipient can acknowledge immediately. Also, it is way too easy to search for a file in the conversation history than going through long threads of email.

      Wrapping It Up

      Team chat apps are a great way to communicate with team members of a remote team. The need of the hour is to create enterprise-grade team chat apps that can be integrated with various tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. With proper guidelines and strategy, team chat apps can be the best communication tool for a remote team.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          I agree with you that communication is essential in business and extremely essential when working with remote employees.


          I have discovered that often it is difficult to get schedules sorted so that everyone can attend a meeting.  Recording the meeting can be a great way to let all employees get the same information - all the different time zones and people's work schedule can make it hard to find a good meeting time.


          Another suggestion to consider would be a team bulletin board (Trello is one).  Messages can be communicated for all to see and respond to, if needed.


          I would be interested in hearing how other business owners with remote employees communicate with all their employees - on site and/or remote.  What is working for you?  What have you tried and rejected?  Why?



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            moderator_lisa Ranger

            Great tips, Liana and Cathy. I agree that efficient communication is essential to running a business, especially when remote operations are concerned. Workflow sharing apps are very important to this process. Google and Microsoft offer document sharing options, allowing shift workers to keep their tasks updated in real time. I'd be interested in hearing about any other options our members might utilize to stay on top of company workflow.