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    General Reminder

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Every newscast seems to carry stories about daily disasters these days.  A gentle reminder to make sure you have a list of numbers for your employees to use, should they ever need:

      -police department

      -fire department


      -your mobile and/or home phone

      And keep these numbers in easy to reach places and update them, as needed.


      Hopefully they will never be needed but should something happen, they can be used.



        • Re: General Reminder
          moderator_lisa Ranger

          This is a great suggestion, Cathy. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, we're reminded often that we're in an earthquake zone. We're advised to have a plan for meeting up and/or getting in touch with family members after the worst has passed. I think it's a good idea to treat your employees as you would family, and have a plan for making sure everyone's accounted for, no matter what the type of emergency. Would you go as far as to consider emergency response and/or evacuation drills? Does your business participate in the emergency drills springing up around the nation lately?