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    Brick and mortar or online?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I am seeing quite a bit of discussion about businesses deciding to give up their brick and mortar space and move to all online business.


      What are you feeling in your business?  Do you have enough traffic to keep a brick and mortar store open?  If so, do you have tips to share with others?  Or are you considering that only having an online business would work better?


      What are your thoughts?  Share and let's hear from other small business owners, too.



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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          I think this is an interesting question, and it could also easily go the other way. For example, a wood-worker/furniture designer who builds more than they can sell and store might decide to open a storefront so they can allow customers to put their eyes and hands on their wares in three dimensions and real time. Likewise, a photographer might accumulate enough props, supplies and display prints that it's worth the investment in a storage space that also provides a studio and consultation space.


          Thanks for the question, Cathy. I'd love to hear others' ideas on this topic.



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            moderator_ani Tracker

            Great topic, Cath! I agree with Lisa that for some business the customer would want to get "a feel" of the product, like for clothes there is the compelling reason to try the item on for the fit and look also, many feel that the product looks different online. There are many of the old school who prefer to shop in Brick and Mortar stores, because shopping is supposed to be fun and a few clicks of the mouse cannot substitute the hours of absolute bliss shopping in a departmental store can provide!


            However the trend is clear, going forward Online will be the preferred option for the next generation.