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    Family members or friends working

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I have been overhearing some discussions from family friends about an issue they are having.  They, kindly, hired a family member to work in their business.  They felt family pressure to do this but they went ahead and hired, to keep peace.


      Now that family member is just not working out.  They have attempted to gently train (re-train) but that is not working.


      What suggestions do you have?  I understand the underlying family issues but should they terminate or try, once again, to re-train?  Any suggestions would be welcomed.



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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          That is such a sensitive situation, it will require strength and tact to be able to manage it. I would recommend a sit-down review to go over expectations, victories, and challenges, on the part of the company and offering the employee an opportunity to share their feelings on the topics discussed. That way, if termination becomes necessary, there is a resource with all the necessary information right there in black and white. Having a clear cut set of guidelines can help eliminate personal feelings on both sides.


          Good luck to your friends with this challenging situation.



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            juliastaromana Scout

            Is it possible to transfer the relative into another post within the company? Maybe he or she feels that the current job isn't a good fit.


            But if even that doesn't work, termination might be necessary. Yes, there will be issues in the beginning but this could help send the message that a business isn't something the family could just take advantage of. If they want to be part of it, they have to work for it.

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              Moderator BethM Navigator

              Great topic Cath!


              You mention in this scenario that there were "gentle" attempts to train (re-train). If that isn't working, then it may be time for some tough love.


              Sit them down and lay it out all on the table:


              When at work, they are an employee and will be expected to behave in a manner as such, as well will be treated as such, both in positive and negative work situations;


              Stress the fact that business and personal will be kept separate;


              Be sure to offer compliments as well as critiques. People in general do not want to be sat down and told everything they are doing is wrong. This could create hostility and further perpetuate the situation. What are some things that this family member is doing right? Something as simple as they show up on time every day.


              Make the discussion a two way street. Ask them to discuss how they think things could improve and actively listen to what they say. Maybe the issue is that they aren't fully understanding the job and need to be trained in a different way other than what has worked for other employees.


              Something else to think about: Is it possible that this family member doesn't really want to work there but was also pressured into taking the job by the same family members that pressured you to offer the job?


              Has anyone here been in this situation? If so, how did you handle it and what was the outcome?