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    Need corporate attorney

    amspcs Ranger
      We require the services of a Florida business contract attorney to deal in a breach of contract problem for which we are the plantiffs. Must be on a contingency basis, long story we'd have to discuss in person. Suffice to say there is a well-deserved payoff to be had which we will be happy to generously share upon completion.

      This is ideal for a young attorney who needs experience under his/her belt and a few honestly earned dollars in his/her pocket.

      If this fits anyone out there, or if anyone knows anybody who might fit the bill, we'd really apprecate the referral.

      Thank you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          This is a great place to post your request for a corporate attorney.
          As I have said in the past, every business person needs an Accountant,
          An Attorney and maybe an Insurance Broker.
          Hopefully you will get some good answers.
          In the mean time, how about word of mouth in your town or
          your trade association and finally the yellow pages.
          You definately should interview at least two or three and
          then you go with the one that you trust.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            elevatingyour Wayfarer
            I would check this site. Also you can call into his radio show and get his honest, no BS option, too.
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              dublincpa Scout
              Does the breach relate specifically to your industry? Paul Rianda ( and Adam Atlas ( are the two major players that I know of in the bankcard industry. I have heard that there may be one or two more, but I don't know names. If it is an issue directly related to being and ISO/MLS, they may be able to point you in the right direction with a local attorney. I have worked with Paul and he is great. Adam I don't know, but have heard positive things about. Looking at your website I would almost guess that you already know and probably have had dealings with Adam. Hope this was a tiny bit useful. Good Luck. Please email if you have any industry specific question.
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