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    Media buys

    xenopod Adventurer
      Do any of you use company's to do that for you, or do you do it yourself? What resources or company's do you use for this? If you do not why do you not? Please share your experiences. Thank you.
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          virtuinc Newbie
          We do outsource our media buys if its a local market. They have much more bargaining power and can help make you get the most out of your budget.

          The group that we use in the Philadelphia area typically purchases upwards of $20 million in media per year in the market; so our $100,000 budget benefits from their negotiated rate.

          Overall, we've been pleased by their service, but definitely find a buyer you like and if you are not satisfied with the level of service - let them know earlier than later.

          One area that we are actively seeking a partnership with is an online media buyer - especially in the b-to-b or physician marketing space. We've noticed there are many online networks (ie:, but they seem generally geared to the consumer market.

          Hope this helps!
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            BDS INC Adventurer
            I used a company last year to buy radio ads for me here in the Charlotte area. I could have done it myself and probably came up with the same results, but they had the actual data to back up why I bought time on the stations I did.
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              xenopod Adventurer
              Does anyone have any experience with this in Illinois or Chicagoland?
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                MyBizGuru Newbie
                Even for small business where every dollar spent needs to show ROI, it is important to seek out someone who is a media buyer. (Not to be confused with a media account rep who works for the media outlet)

                Why? For one they work for you. Not the radio/TV station and have YOUR interest at heart.

                Secondly, the minute you open a retail business the account reps from the media will be knocking your door down to sell you spots on their station. Some will offer to help you figure out a market segment but most will either expect you to already know your target demographic or will half-heartedly attempt to find a market comparable to a similar business and then place your spots on their market. Is that what you want? No. Want to wind up with a bunch of ads that no one sees or no one in the market for your business or service will see? No. I have heard horror stories of clients who got a terrific deal on a package only to find out they aired in the middle of the night when most of their true market demographic was asleep!

                A media buyer who either is an independent or works for an agency will help you define a market and provide you with a demographic targeted to your specific business. They will also negotiate the best rates as well as hopefully obtain comps (free stuff like tickets and promotional items) for your business to use to attract customers.

                Just as important, a media buyer will also track your ads to make sure your getting what you paid for. Most important when you are unable to hear or see every ad you placed. They can also help you get reimbursed for ads that were delayed, missed or aired at the wrong time. You have a business to run, not time to get the run around about your advertising efforts.

                Finally. There are many media buyers available who have a considerable amount of expertise because they have either worked as former media account reps (so they know all the tricks and can help you avoid them) or they have a multitude of experience in marketing and advertising (and likely just as many contacts in both PR firms and media).
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                  MobileMktng Newbie

                  Sorry, I just picked up this post so I know I'm running a few months behind on your initial question. I'm based in the Chicago area, with extensive experience in broadcast media. If there's something I can help you with through my company or provide direction with regarding referrals, please feel free to give a call and I'll try to steer you in the right direction. I have very deep contacts in the market and could likely help you out.

                  Kind Regards,
                  Eric Lazar