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    Scaling the business from tiny to small?

    joshloewen Newbie

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm looking to make a jump and it seems pretty hard. From 3-4 to 7-8. Have any of you made that leap? How did it go?



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Hi, Please tell us more. The more you share the better the answers.

          Most of us have made that leap.

          The first step is a Business Plan. The Plan is like a road map to success.

          Tell us more and you will get great answers.


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              moderator_ani Wayfarer

              Hi joshloewen,


              It is a big jump and no doubt you would have given this matter a deep thought.


              Some businesses are scalable without addition of new staff or Working Capital, and to my mind are the best models. As Luckiest said, do share more information and our Community Members will pitch in with their ideas.


              In any case, this should be a fantastic challenge and on behalf of the Community, here is wishing you good luck!



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              moderator_lee Navigator

              Hi Josh,


              Ani is absolutely right. And as LUCKIEST requested, more information about your business could help you get more useful advice.


              Depending on what your business actually entails, branching out to reach a wider market with your advertising efforts can help with gradual expansion like this. If you increase your customer base, you increase your profit, and can thus hopefully afford the costs associated with such expansion.


              I also want to add that it's an excellent sign that you say from "tiny to small" -- reasonable steps, not trying to jump from "tiny to huge" which is much less secure. Seems like you've got a good mentality for making this work.


              Keep us updated!