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    Moving from Canada to US

    michaelheinrich Wayfarer

      We started really small. Ours is a hardware startup. All of us are really passionate about developing our product. But we can' t really concentrate on only that. We are not a privately funded startup. We started this venture with our own money. So we develop our own product on the side and focuses on making money with outsourced projects. And it has been going really well. We are getting a lot of projects now. Recently we got a huge project from a US company. The project was a huge success. After the project, while I was talking to the CEO of the company he told me that if our office was in the US we had a chance for getting a lot more big projects. When we had a discussion about this all of us founders thought it was a good idea to move our office to the US. I know we are taking a huge risk with this. But we don't win if we don't take a risk.

      So we have a lot to do with the move. The first thing is finding a moving company to help us with the move from Canada to the US. The one in the link was suggested by a few of our friends.  I thought it is a good idea to get other opinions too. So that is what I am looking forward to.

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          Moderator BethM Navigator

          Hello michaelheinrich,


          Welcome to the Small Business Community. Sounds like you are about to embark on an exciting journey!


          As you already know, be sure to do your research and due diligence when looking for a moving company.


          I once read a quote at a doctor's office that said something along the lines of: The greatest compliment you can give us is referring your family and friends to us. I think the same can be said for pretty much any business out there, including a moving company.


          When comparing prices, be sure to know exactly what those prices include. Is the company insured? If there is damage or loss, who is responsible? Are there gas usage or mileage fees? What should you expect in regards to having all of your equipment and items taken across the border and through customs?


          Perhaps someone here in the community has moved with their company, even if locally, and will be willing to share in their experience: how they chose the right company for their needs, what questions they asked, etc.


          When you get a moment, please be sure to review our Community Guidelines