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    How to open a Business account for a teen

    spudmuffin Newbie

      My son has wanted to start a computer repair business. He applied and got an EIN. However, for accounting he has to have a business account. Unfortunately, banks will not open business accounts for teens... How does that work? Do I as an adult have to be in partnership with him?

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          SBC Team Guide

          Hi Russell,


          First off, big kudos to your son in taking the initiative to start a business.  That is awesome!


          Quick question- have you reached out to your bank to ask them about this?  What did they say?


          FYI- If you want a second (or first) opinion, you are welcome to call Bank of America Small Business at 866-543-2808 (Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-10 p.m. ET).




          SBC Team

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