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    Group Dynamics and Teamwork

    johnbraswell Newbie

      As hard as it can be to work with other people, it's a huge part of success. It's vital to reaching goals, whether you like it or not. Oftentimes, others can even strengthen the work that you're doing, and increase your effectiveness.

      I had to come to this realization myself. I started a project called the PASSIONS Program that matched volunteers with schools in need of extracurricular classes and programs. The project worked well, and seven separate partnerships were made and thrived, but I feel I could have reached more people and helped create higher-quality classes if there were more people involved. For instance, I alone made classroom presentations, answered e-mails, interviewed participants, and visited schools. However, there were many presentations that I couldn't make, and many schools that I wasn't able to convince to join the program because I didn't have a strong connection to the school. If there were others with different schedules, they could have made presentations that I had to miss. With more people, the program could have allowed for better classes because more time could have been put into checking up on classes and ensuring that they went well.

      It's important to recognize what people contribute to your work efforts. Just today, we ran a service day about animal care and cruelty for my middle school students. We visited an animal shelter and spent the day learning