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    Looking for new Ventures ? Come to Peru is growing over 7.1

    zone451 Wayfarer

      As we already knwon US economy is slow. nobody knows how long.

      Real State in Peru... is like a boiling waters, new Real State basically from Chile are landing in Peru
      because opportunities are here.

      Easy business but you need just little funds to buy and all house for around $250,000 place a large advertise
      in front of the home, build a small real state office and start selling apartment between $60K to $72
      four apartments per floor and you can make in less than six months at least $100,000

      Not need to finance at the start, customers will pay you in advance and then bank provide all finance
      for the proyect, Peruvian banks will also help to promote apartnments for Free.

      Other business opportunities, O.K. just let me know. Free consulting to start.

      Interest to make money meanwhile the US economy start again, O.K. email me lets start joining efforts

      Best regards


      J.E. RUBIN
      Independent Systems Consultant
      Over 25 years of Experience providing busines solutions
      in America