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    Content That Brings Results

    LUCKIEST Guide

      For many business owners, the words "content creation" are associated with "massive overwhelm."

      We're writing more these days and the demands are more stringent.

      Not surprisingly, many business owners dread sitting down with a blank sheet of paper.

      3 ways to simplify content creation, learn to enjoy the process, and enjoy the rewards:

      Write a lot.

      Lose the demographics and find the problems.

      Create a story around each web page, sales letter or blog post.


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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Nice points, LUCKIEST. I think it helps also to consider topics you yourself as someone in the business would find interesting and want to engage in. If it's just not your thing and you can't yet afford professional content creation, look around -- there are often creative writers within our own circles of friends and families who would love a little gig. Alternatively, if you are up for it yourself but have no idea where to start you might want to look for some online tutorials or even classes geared at improving your own skills and talents.