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    Looking to network with Boba Business Owners!

    readysetgoinc Newbie

      Hello community!


      My name is Quan and a current boba business owner. I am looking to network with current boba business owners. Lets be friends! I am looking for like minded people to help each other grow. Goal of networking is to share ideas regarding operations and marketing. My current business is currently struggling with these two aspects and would love to network with current boba business owners to learn whats not working for us and whats working for them.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi Quan, nice to have you. Boba is definitely a great business to be in these days, it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon since it became more popular some years back. If some of the matters you are looking for input or advice on might be things owners of other types of businesses could weigh in on you might consider sharing them here anyway, we do have others in the food and drink industry for instance. Hopefully you will find some in your specialty as well, it can be so helpful to bounce things off of someone who knows what you're dealing with.


          Looking forward to hearing more.