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    Processing Payroll

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      Let's face it. If you have employees, your company has to deal with paying them. Handling this area of your business with accuracy and expertise is important, so it's not worth taking chances. We have two new articles addressing some of the issues surrounding just this issue.  Check them out, then feel free to add your comments on the articles, comment on this post, or create your own discussion to share your thoughts.


      Payroll Best Practices for Your Small Business


      Outsourcing payroll. Is it right for your small business?



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          Great tips in both the articles!


          Most would reach out to a spreadsheet when they start out and it works! As the company grows and the payroll becomes more complex, it would be viable to seek the other options. I have been using a spreadsheet since the past decade and its been versatile to adapt to my needs so far! ~Ani