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    First Time Frustration

    LUCKIEST Guide

      We’ve been freezing up here in the Northeast US, which makes me glad I don’t have to go out.

      Of course, winter is also the time of year when new ideas, goals and projects start to get on the calendar.

      What keeps those entries from turning into reality?

      It’s usually not the soundness of the idea. If you pay attention to your market and also listen to your intuition, your ideas will be sound.

      And it’s not motivation or lack or willpower.

      What stops most people is First Timer Frustration syndrome.

      The first time you do something, you’ve got a steep learning curve.

      So you spend hours trying to figure something out … something that should take six minutes, not six hours.

      And when you're planning out the year, you probably have at least one or two "firsts" on the horizon. They're usually part of your stretch goals.

      And Finally keep your Business Plan up to Date.

      Good luck, LUCKIEST