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    Top 10 Project Management Software in the USA

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      As a project manager ‘Ninja’, all that you have been wanting is to tie the never-failing strategy and teamwork together. In order to achieve that, you need a system that can

      • Track each and every happening of your project,
      • Keep records of documents and information,
      • Accelerate communication,
      • Manage task lists,
      • Reduce rework,
      • And manage everything from requirements to issues, reports, statuses and all that you are thinking about right now!

      To help you decide, here is a list of top Project Management software which has helped hundreds of businesses successfully execute their projects. You know your requirements, we know the tools!

      Now is the time to pick one that suits your business the best! Check out Top 10 Project Management Software:

      1. Wrike

        Undoubtedly, the most popular of all project management software available is Wrike, the winner of Finances Online Best Project Management Software Award for 2016. With Wrike, things can get done effectively with multifunctional groups from a single location. This software has been a choice for many fortune 500 companies.

      Pricing On Monthly Basis:

      5 users5-15 users5-200 users5-unlimitedcontact for pricing

      2. Celoxis

      Headquartered in India, Celoxis is one of the top-rated project management software. It offers an online project management solution for medium to large scale businesses, helping them plan and manage projects effectively. Celoxis has captured real-world conditions like part-time resources, working weekends, resource time-off, etc. in one schedule. The interactive Gantt chart of Celoxis can handle 10000 tasks linked from different projects. Celoxis can easily be integrated with Excel,, Outlook and a lot more. Its notification feature lets users view all notifications inside the application itself.

      Pricing On Monthly Basis:

      per user/per month (5 user minimum)per user/one-time (5 user minimum)

      3. Clarizen

      This is a cloud-based collaborative work management solution. It primarily helps companies manage cross-company engagement. This solution offers tools that help project managers to estimate resource and workforce requirements and define the scope and size of projects. Users can make data-based decisions and create dashboards for tracking KPI’s in real time. Clarizen offers integration with online applications like Google Drive, SAP, MS SharePoint, etc.

      Pricing On Monthly Basis:

      Enterprise EditionUnlimited Edition


      4. Accelo

      Users can manage all client-related activities with Accelo, a web-based Service Operations Automation or SerOps solution. Organizations of all sizes can use Accelo. It offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and project management services. The CRM module in Accelo allows users to maintain client records, send automated emails, sync client emails and set up a meeting with their members. The project management module helps in planning, tracking and executing a project. Apart from these, Accelo offers email tracking, client portal, and a lot more additional features. Accelo can be integrated with platforms like Quickbooks, Twitter, Google for Work, Office 365, etc.


      per-user/month (billed monthly)per-user/month (billed monthly)

      5. Asana

      A powerful tool to help run your business, Asana helps manage projects from start to finish. With Asana, you can break down your project goals and ideas into actionable tasks and assign that work to your teammates easily. This software is simple to use. From traditional businesses to NGOs, Asana is used by all. Asana allows integration with applications like Salesforce, Slack, GitLab, OneDrive, etc.


      per-user/per-monthContact for pricing

      6. Mavenlink

      Best suited for those who need to collaborate with teams, Mavenlink’s primary objective is task management and collaboration. This software offers project management, resource planning, and financial management. It allows users to keep track of the recent activity and progress of a project using a dashboard. Reports, Analytics, resource management, time and expense tracking are a few of the services offered by Mavenlink. Google, JIRA, Zendesk, Microsoft are some of the applications that Mavenlink integrates with.

      Pricing On Monthly Basis:

      5-userper-usercontact for pricingContact for pricing

      7. Smartsheet

      Smartsheet offers document management, time tracking, reporting, resource management and issue management services. This software has a spreadsheet-like interface and allows users to manage tasks and plan projects. Smartsheet increases speed and provides users with options to suit their work preferences. Android and Ios users can finish their work on the go with the help of Smartsheet’s cloud-based subscription model. Accounts for multiple collaborators can be created with the subscription, thereby allowing users to work on projects with a number of colleagues and clients.

      Pricing On Monthly Basis:

      per-userper-userper-userContact for pricing

      8. FunctionFox

      A could-based project management software that offers timesheets and estimates apart from the regular services. As it is a cloud-based software, there are no installation and downloading procedures to be followed. FunctionFox supports an unlimited number of projects and clients. A company can customize account preferences to suit its workflow. The FunctionFox platform contains a stopwatch that tracks billable and non-billable hours.

      Pricing On Monthly Basis:


      9. Workfront

      This is cloud-based software that offers communication and resource management tools. Any industry, small or large can make use of this software. Users have access to standard reports which they can use directly or customize to suit their company’s needs. Also, visualization tools are available that let the user visualize the work cycle and maintain project budget and timelines. The communications tools provided by Workfront allow project managers to assign work, check status updates, track deadlines, etc while the resource management tools allow managers to allocate resources and track performance. Waterfall, Agile and more can be implemented with Workfront.


      10. Zoho projects

      A popular project management software that aids in making business projects more productive and finishing them in time. It is a free tool known for its unparalleled user experience. This system has a very simple approach. It breaks down your complex tasks into small manageable chunks and schedules recurring tasks and subtasks according to the company’s deadline. The platform is user-friendly and ensures best possible interaction between network users and uses a Gantt chart to showcase the progress of your projects. Its seamless collaboration lets your employees and consultants stay in line with your company’s progress.

      Pricing On Annual Basis:

      1 projectunlimited-projectunlimited-projectunlimited-project
      10MB storage10GB storage100GB storage100GB storage


      As a project-driven organization, you should pick a tool that perfectly suits your needs and budget. More than a solution what matters is your ability to execute the ideas and push the team towards a successful result. These best in class solutions are the project management tools that assist you with efficient planning, management and much more! Good luck with your next project.