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    Blending In Instead OF Standing Out

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Why do so many entrepreneurs and independent professionals blend into the crowd instead of standing out?

      Usually it's because their marketing is dominated by backstories - stories that lead to strong beliefs about good marketing practices.

      Most of us have told ourselves these backstories. And sometimes they seem so logical, we never think of digging deeper to understand why.

      Happy New Year 2018 and be Safe.


        • Re: Blending In Instead OF Standing Out
          moderator_lee Navigator

          Great topic, LUCKIEST. As businesses, we do want to stand out, for sure. Unfortunately it's not one of those things we often take the time to think about specifically. Hopefully your post will be a helpful reminder as we start a new year. Maybe a logo revamp, unique marketing idea, or exclusive offer will be in the future of some of our members' businesses.


          Wishing you a Happy New Years as well.