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    Being an Accountant

    LUCKIEST Guide

      First, I'm not an introvert...but research shows that few of us are pure introverts or extroverts.

      Many contemporary psychologists believe our personalities change with the situation.

      It's not unusual for someone to be outgoing and enjoy being around people all day in a professional environment...

      and then come home and want to be truly alone.

      We used to say that accounting was perfect for introverts, but many today's accountants work in teams,

      deal with clients and even get involved in networking events to promote their firms. Yet some accountants probably do work alone.

      Additionally, even extroverts have to tone down. Increasingly marketing has become a conversation, not a loud arena.

      Ads that "shout" don't get a positive response.

      Happy Holidays,

      LUCKIEST (an Accountant)