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    Marketing Connections, Networks, Views, Shares and Likes

    Albert Sandar Scout

      These key words are often used to measure and gauge productivity of our social activities. Being persistent about these data points are a good way to plot your recent history of engagement.


      Not all websites have the same language and definition of these social networking functions and activities but by exploring every site individually will reveal the specifics.


      For example here on Community the actions would be rating, views, likes and helpful. I would suggest to anyone that they could find content and authors they find interesting and connect with them.

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi Albert, great topic!   You're right that every website and community has different ways of gauging productivity and exposure.  In our community, in addition to the views, likes and helpful votes, we have other ways to connect. For example, when you start a discussion, you can add tags to your post.  This will make your posts easier to find when someone is searching for a specific subject.  We h'ave a wide variety of tags preloaded,or you can add your own, which in turn will add that tag to your post. 


          You can also follow authors you like to provide notifications when they post new materials, and as you mentioned, you can connect with other members for more in depth networking.


          Thanks for starting this thread!  We hope you are finding our community helpful, and that you have a great holiday season!




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