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      Mentoring young business people is a great way to share your knowledge and experience. If you were going to mentor someone, what steps would you take? Would you recommend any Business Podcasts? How about certain blogs?



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          Albert Sandar Scout

          I'm working tonight with two businesses mentoring them on getting their advertising accounts working in sync with business operations. The one company KWPO Radio Online I met here on BoA Community.

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            Vilnius Industries Tracker

            I would recommend the Small Business Administration, SCORE and Bank of America.


            The SBA has a lot of pages and language and videos that explains how things should be done in order to get financing.


            SCORE is the mentor network that is experienced based knowledge.


            Bank of America has a suite of small business account management technology. BoA Community would be the recommended Blog also.


            Those three entities can play a role in a business plan for a start-up or any business that operates on a visible predicable plan on an ongoing basis.

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