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    I need help with building my company

    kvcleaning Newbie

      T have started my cleaning company where we service residential and commercial cleaning. we service carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, air ducts cleaning.

      I have been using groupon for getting customers but we have been getting people trying to get over on us and groupon takes 50% of all sales and will give customers more of discounts and we are loosing money. any suggestions on how we can build without groupon.

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          Vilnius Industries Tracker

          Hello kv, all companies and even business ideas should have a business plan or an action plan they are currently working off of, the answers to your question should be in the 'Sales and Marketing Strategy' section of your plan. This small business community is a great place to find ideas and answers to your question. Do you have a website? I did not see a link in your profile description.

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            Moderator Rebecca Guide

            Hi kvcleaning!  Welcome to our community.  While sites like Groupon can be a great way to get a new customer in the door, as you've found out it's not always the most efficient or profitable way to build your customer base.   Have you tried offering a referral based program to your established customers?  Often times, something as simple as referral based marketing campaign can yield new customers without paying a third party their "piece of the pie".


            A referral based marketing campaign might work like this:

            • Offer established customers a % off of one future service for each customer they refer
            • Offer the referred customer a % off of their first service and then the same deal as above.
            • Referral *bonuses* - For example, after 5 new customer referrals a deeply discounted or free one time cleaning.


            I'm sure that our helpful community members can provide some other ideas for you. vilnius. asked a great question about your website.  If you have one, we'd love to see it!  If you don't we'd be glad to be able to point you in the right direction to create one.


            We look forward to hearing more about you and your business!  Feel free to browse around our community and ask any questions you may have.  We've also got a great collection of articles from small business experts that you will find very helpful.




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