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    Can I file criminal charges since a business owner stole money from me?

    cjwilson710 Newbie

      I am a Freight Agent and I am set up as a 1099 contractor under another freight agent.


      When I joined under him we had an agreement to split my profit 50/50.  I only did this because he helped get me into the business and trained me.  Fast forward and I learn that not only has he taken the 50% but has shorted me my part by almost $40k.


      He will not send me the report from the company we work for showing what my break down is weekly. I have asked several times in writing.  I went through and did a rough estimate based on my work and actual weekly deposits.


      He admitted to me over the phone when I confronted him about the huge discrepancy but stated he doesn't have money to pay me back.


      Can I file theft charges against him?