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    moderator_lisa Ranger

      Do you listen to podcasts to keep track of market trends, explore new ideas and technologies, organize your workflow, or increase your general business knowledge? There are so many options, it can be overwhelming just choosing a few to start with. Please share your recommendations for podcasts you think our members will enjoy.


      Thanks in advance!



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Podcasts are the new tool for both business and information.

          To continue to thrive in the business and marketing world, it’s essential to prioritize continual learning.

          Stagnation is not an option if you want to even maintain success, let alone build on it.

          There are some truly exceptional resources available that make this task easier,

          especially when it comes to business and marketing podcasts.

          Regardless of what you specialize in, podcasts can help everyone learn from them.

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            Albert Sandar Scout

            Yes, I listen to podcasts sometimes, mostly listening to live information while working. Podcasts are in the past, but good for targeting specific information. In todays world running businesses we should be aware of national and global situations in real-time minute by hour.

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                moderator_lisa Ranger

                Hi Albert. You're right that it's important to keep up on breaking news and events that affect markets in real time. When you say, "Podcasts are in the past", do you mean they're not a very trendy thing to do now, or that by the time they're played the information might be less than current? I know they are still useful, as you mentioned, for targeting specific information.


                Another trend in this category is vlogs, or video blogs. I've seen product or technique demos, behind the scenes captures, or even panel discussions of new movies, books, products, etc. Do any of you follow vlogs to keep current with relevant topics? Do any of you sponsor a video blog or a podcast?



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                moderator_ani Tracker

                I think interviews with successful small business owners to explore their business journey would provide deep insight into specific industries. It could help avoiding common mistakes which are typically made by startups. ¬Ani