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    Boba Tea Supplies

    kathytd Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am thinking about opening a boba tea cafe in Florida, but do not want to be a part of a franchise. Does anyone here have suggestions as to where the best places to buy supplies are? Also, any additional information/insights you are willing to offer is MUCH MUCH appreciated! Thank you!

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi, kathytd, welcome to our forum!  It's always fun to explore the idea of a new business and the idea of being your own boss.  We've had several discussions in this forum from members that are exploring that option.  Although some of the discussions are older you might find some valuable insight by searching the term "boba tea" to read previous comments. 


          One of our members in a previous discussion suggested this:  "Look for a wholesaler/ franchisor in your area such as lollicup or tapioca express or there are many smaller wholesalers of boba supplies from Asia. And most of them all offer training and a set of menus already that you can play around with or ask people around you to see which ones are more popular. After you open, you'll find some drinks are going to be more than other and may have to constantly work with your wholesaler to improve and bring new drinks to your customers."  Open private shop Boba tea .


          If you think you'll need some help with financing, you'll also want to think about developing a business plan. If you're unsure how to start or proceed with writing one, we have a great Guide: How to develop a business plan.


          We look forward to hearing more about you and your business ideas.  Feel free to browse our community and ask any questions you may have.