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    Increase your Customers Drastically by Following These Three Easy Steps

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      Increase your customers drastically by following these three easy steps

      Optimizing your website is necessary for success simply because through doing that your buyers will increase drastically. Before we start I want you to go on your website and take this quick test.

      Ask yourself:

                      Can shoppers tell what I’m selling within three seconds?

                      Would a shopper trust me enough to give me sensitive information?

      If you answered no to either or both of these questions, your site needs what experts call CRO or conversion rate optimization.


      Step 1. Use a Clean Design for your Websit


           When someone finds your website, and clicks on it, they must recognize what you’re selling. You must shout it out in their face practically. The most efficient way to do that is to use a professional and clean design. Use lots and lots of large, high definition images that also let the visitor know what you’re selling. You shouldn’t distract your visitor with unnecessary information. Your design shouldn’t have elements that are bulky, distracting and irrelevant. A busy, cluttered screen would push away your visitors and sometimes annoy them. Let me show you a great example of a clean design:


      You instantly know what’s being sold to you.

      In a consumer study by Oneupweb, 70.8% of shoppers said that having products displayed on the homepage is an influential factor in purchasing.


      Step 2 Make it easy to call you


           Just like the first step this allows the users to instantly know what they should do on your page whether it’s to contact you or to buy from you. However, there’s another benefit from this. This helps by increasing your credibility with potential customers. By displaying your phone number prominently on every page (on the site header) your users know you’re not just a scam looking for a quick buck. This also lets them know that you want to establish a relationship with them and aren’t fake. Here’s a great example


      Step 3 Trustmarks


           What are trustmarks you may ask, well according to google it is a badge, image or logo found on an electronic commerce Web site that indicates the Web site is a member of a professional organization or that the Web site has passed security tests. Let’s put that in English. A trustmark practically just shows that your trustworthy by associating you with already trusted brands. Their trust just rubs off on your site. Studies by McAfee and VeriSign have shown that online sales increase by up to 36% when trustmarks are used. All you gotta do is get validated by groups that represent security and good business practices such as VeriSign, TRUSTe and the Better Business Bureau. After that display their logo prominently on your website. You should also add trustmarks from major credit cards such as Visa and other payment methods you accept.