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    Technical Consultation Proposal

    ndp125 Adventurer
      hello a company who is interested in my services for health-care consultation require that I submit a 1-2 page proposal.

      At this point I trying to forumulate a proposal on the basis of a 'grant proposal' I saw online

      or 'product' based proposal
      Is there a good free resource for 'consultation based proposal' . I also checked SCORE's website and saw online session however they are more for business plans. I also couldn't see anything specific towards consultation/services side

      Maybe I am trying to search for something too specific. Please let me know

      Thanks in advance.


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          LUCKIEST Guide

          125, Great question and sometimes you have to think "outside the box"
          It sounds to me that this proposal should be a combination of your resume,


          your experience in the health field and your beliefs on how you are help them.


          You mentioned SCORE and there 26 FREE Courses.


          Maybe you can pick up sentences from some of them and expend


          your personal knowledge and beliefs.
          SCORE does have Targeting your Market, Creating a Strategic Plan and
          Running A Profitable Business.
          You do NOT want to copy and paste, but just get key words to help.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            It sounds like they want a summary proposal rather than a full blown deal. The basic outline I'd use (with a paragraph for each section) is:
            • Introduction (who/what initiated the proposal);
            • Position (the requestor's current problem or situation, as it relates to what you're proposing);
            • Options (the various ways the problem or situation could be addressed);
            • Proposal (the specific solution you're proposing);
            • Deliverables (or Services) (the tangible things they'd be paying you to provide or do);
            • Qualifications (why you're the best choice to do this);
            • Results (the "bottom line" desirable outcome and benefits they'll realize);
            • Conclusion (suggested next step, i.e., a follow-up call, contract submission, etc.)

            The structure of the Options paragraph depends on what/how you're trying to sell. It may be problem-solution, compare-contrast, advantage-disadvantage, etc.

            Other tips: If you're not hand-delivering the proposal, write a cover letter. If you are including a cost estimate or schedule, make it a totally separate Cost Proposal document (it's better for you if decision makers can have staffers review your proposal without seeing cost information). Don't submit a proposal more than 48 hours before the deadline (early entries get picked apart, while those arriving the last day compete on more even ground).

            Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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              DJM0231 Wayfarer
              Howdy ndp125,

              Captureplanning is a great website with a lot of useful information in regards to proposals. Might I recommend a book for you? The book is titled "Handbook for Writing Proposals" authored by Robert J. Hamper and L. Sue Baugh, ISBN 0-8442-3274-2. The book is good read, well organized and simplified for a person writing their first proposal.

              I used that book and for writing 2 proposals to the U.S. government for federal contracts and 3 proprosals to private firms. All 3 private firms and 1 of the federal proprosals were rewarded contracts or service agreements.

              Hope this helps, and good luck with your proposal :)