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    Whose Job is Social Marketing?

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      Whose Job is Social Marketing?

      June 9, 2012 - 2 minutes read

      Whose Job is Social Media?


      Whose job is social marketing?  It seems a lot of companies are challenged with this right now, but the answer is simple. Everyone. It’s that simple. Companies with effective social marketing strategies (meaning social media that shows ROI) are companies that have an internal presence.

      One client, a hospitality chain in the Midwest saw 500% more local engagement after we trained and coached a social media team in each of their locations. Their problem was that posts were coming solely from corporate and were losing the rich content from day to day business.

      Yogi Berra says “You can learn a lot just by listening.”

      Your best first is to listen and every department in your company can get involved.

      Each department can start by watching and listening to what is already taking place. 

      Customer Service:

      What questions are people asking that we can answer?

      What problems are people having that we can solve?

      What opportunities do we have to respond and participate?



      What’s your reputation?

      Do the right people want to work for you?



      Are things running smoothly?

      Where are the glitches?  


      Research & Development:

      What kind of content seems most popular?

      What challenges are people having?

      What are people saying about your products and services?



      How are they phrasing their problems?

      What specific pain points do they have?



      Who is doing the talking?

      What voices have influence?

      What are hot topics?

      Where are people talking about your company, industry, and competitors?

      Which social media platforms do they congregate on?


      I’m doing a little detective work.  Right now, who is handling your social media?  Corporate marketing department, an outside agency, an intern, you, no one?  Leave it in the comments below.  Thank you!