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    I am a jewelry designer

    hlhawkin1978 Newbie

      I am a jewelry designer and would like to know how to find closeout boutiques that have interest in purchasing overstock or last season items to sell in their store at discounted prices.  Please let me know if you have any information.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi Heather,


          Always nice to talk to another small business owner in a creative field. Great question, too.


          You might try looking at it from the opposite perspective -- since it is easier to hook up with stores since they have a more public presence, perhaps find out from those running them how they find their wholesalers. This can give you an idea of what they are looking for, as well as exactly where they look, so that you can head there yourself to offer up your goods.


          With such specific fields it can be helpful to get in touch with peers doing things along the same lines to support each other as well, in other words networking further.


          Also, be sure to remember how important an up-to-date, easy to find, and user-friendly web presence is when looking to sell goods. This article has some more great info on that topic: Selling on the Web


          Hope you found these tips useful. It would be interesting to have some further input on your question from others.



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            staff Newbie

            When summer ends, retailers deeply discount bathing suits at the end of the season as a way to sell their excess inventory. Factory closeouts tend to be a win-win for all parties.