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    Qualification criteria for home mortgage

    winfred01 Newbie


      I want to buy a home and I am planning to take a mortgage for that. I am not familiar with the terms and conditions related to the qualification criteria for a mortgage.

      As I have a good credit score, I hope it would be easy to get qualified for a mortgage. But, of course, there might be a lot of other formalities related to this. Could you please help me find it? What are all documents other than the credit score and income source required for the application process?

      What all things we should take care of while approaching a broker/lender? What are the extra costs of taking a mortgage? And from where I could get the mortgage resources to compare the current mortgage rates? In my search, I came across
      some of the mortgage brokers providing new home mortgage in Edmonton. The sites were really informative, but I couldn't find a comparison there.

      So, please share the tips for a first home buyer and your experience with the mortgages. Thank you.