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    Making the most of the holiday season

    Moderator Rebecca Guide

      Believe it or not - it's only SEVEN weeks until Christmas.  With the rush of holidays comes the time that a majority of businesses are made (or broken) by their revenue. 


      So,...what do you do and how can you take advantage of this special moment for your business?  One of our Small Business Experts, Steve Strauss, wrote a great article with tips and ideas that your business may find helpful.  You can read more on how to make the most of this season - outside of just the normal "holiday sale" at: Taking advantage of the good mood this holiday season.


      What "outside of the box" ideas have worked for you and your business?  Are you ready for the holiday chaos (and spending!) to begin?  Please share with us any promotions or ideas that you have used in the past to help your business stand out from the crowd, and increase holiday sales.  We'd love to hear from you!