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    Helping Small Businesses increase efficiency

    ravirajemerge Newbie

      Hello all,


      I am Raviraj from Singapore.

      It's my pleasure connecting with you all folks here, I believe this is a great community for small businesses like us.


      Here's my quick introduction:

      I work with a company called EMERGE App, a B2B SaaS for small businesses, wholesalers, eCommerce sellers.

      I help small businesses specially import/export business owners, wholesalers improve their business efficiency by introducing a one of its kind inventory management software.


      Here's brief background of EMERGE and how it can help small business grow globally:


      As a busy wholesaler and distributor, what are the top ten things that keep you awake at night?


      We think we know the answer as we've been there and done that.


      We created EMERGE App after we grew frustrated managing our business with spreadsheets.


      So, here are our features to make your business work better, faster and simpler:


      1. Raw materials. Are you dealing in products where there's some assembly before they get added to your inventory? EMERGE App creates individual components for your final product and manages the raw materials that go into them.


      2. B2B e-commerce. What if your regular customers could buy from you 24/7? They can with EMERGE Cart, a B2B e-commerce platform that lets you open a purchasing account for customers along with custom product and price lists.


      3. Generate documents on the go. Email quotations and sales orders directly from the app. For global businesses, produce PDF documents in international languages of your choice.


      4. User access management. Do you want to create different access levels for employees? You can with EMERGE App. Create user accounts and assign them granular permissions.


      5. Easy reporting. Our business intelligence dashboard shows sales and product trends, and orders that are due to deliver or arrive. Otherwise generate sales, purchases, inventory reports, and statement of accounts -- all from within EMERGE App.


      Hope to get connected with other fellow business owners here.