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    Too Much Education

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Whether you pivot from one corporate career to another, or from corporate to entrepreneurship, you almost always need education.

      Sometimes you need actual knowledge.

      If you're seeking a new corporate job, you might need knowledge or a credential or both.

      Some fields require not only training, but also degrees from specific programs and universities.

      And some pivots require specialized training. If you want to become a lawyer, accountant, professional librarian, or real estate agent, you'll need to pass exams and be licensed.

      Many of those who pivot already have significant education and training, along with professional experience.

      And many of us have been trained to place a high value on education.  "When in doubt, go to school. And then? More school."

      As a result, education can be viewed as both a valuable path to a new career and as a deadly trap.

      On the one hand, you can save time and increase earning potential with certain types of training.

      On the other, the belief that, "I need to learn more" can hold back your progress indefinitely and unnecessarily.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Interesting input as usual, LUCKIEST. I suppose we could see it as coming down to management of resources and prioritizing. If we've got the time and money for it, education is usually not regretted. On the other hand, if it is unlikely to benefit our main goals at all, the effort may be misplaced assuming we're still doing it with this intention as the main purpose.


          Of course, everyone needs hobbies and if someone's happens to be taking extra classes and reading or watching online lectures in their free time, well power to them.