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    Greetings from Japan!

    nanalala Newbie

      Hi, everyone,


      I'm an American based in Tokyo, Japan. Been working in this lovely country for 7 years, and hope to be able to provide some help or insight to the SBOC .

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi nanalala, welcome to our community!  We have a wide variety of discussions among our members, as well as some great articles that are written by some of the world's best experts on small business.  Feel free to browse around the community to see the experience they have to offer,asking questions you may have as you explore.


          Working in Japan must be very exciting!  I'm sure you have some great international expertise that many of our members will find very helpful.


          We look forward to seeing more of you in our forums and learning about your career, as well as your experiences in Japan.




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            moderator_lee Navigator

            Nice to meet you, nanalala, welcome to our community. We'd love to hear more about your venture, it sounds exciting. Taking a business international comes with a whole new world (no pun intended!) of challenges and opportunities. It certainly takes drive, confidence, and skill to make this leap. Maybe you can share some expertise from your experiences eventually. Great to have you!