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    More on Side Hustle

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Just a reminder, we talked about side hustle in the past.

      Do you ever think about what would happen if your job changed and you needed to find a new career?

      Or if you changed and now you wanted something different?

      Or maybe you've been thinking about earning extra money to supplement what you're earning from the job.

      These days, almost everyone will benefit from a side hustle: an income-earning microbusiness that has the potential to grow .

      Enjoy the weekend, LUCKIEST






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          Moderator Cath Guide

          I'm stepping cautiously here - while I agree, it is not a bad idea to have a some other work situation in your back pocket, I have a word or two of caution.


          Consider the time you spend in your present job - the hours at work and the hours at home, preparing.  Should you choose to begin another endeavor, no matter how small, how much time will that take each week?


          Seeing other people who are successful in their jobs but not taking time to spend with their families, I think ample time should be spent in thinking how you would juggle both jobs.  Sure the new job might be quiet right now but what if it becomes successful and takes off?  Will you be able to manage both?  Or would this be the opportunity to leave the old job behind and venture forth with the new one?


          Many things to consider.  But once again - consider the time you will have to spend on yourself (mental, emotional, and physical) and of course your family time.


          Just some things to ponder.



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            moderator_lisa Ranger

            I agree with both points posted so far. There is always room for learning new skills, staying busy, and incubating a potentially income-earning idea on the side burner until its time is ripe. It's also true that when we go down that path we have to be sure we're not overextending ourselves. I've personally taken place in side endeavors that cost more than they earn in the long run, and it's very important to budget for the extension of time as well as money compared to the eventual return.


            That said, a "side hustle" can also be a means of continuing a relationship with a client who may not be able to afford your "main hustle" all the time, another chance to generate income without having to put forth too much time and effort, or a way to support a charitable cause you're particularly passionate about. All of the above can pay off in ways that might be difficult to reconcile on a traditional spreadsheet, but which can have some positive long-lasting results on your particular situation.


            Our community members might benefit from hearing more about this type of experience. Have you been in a situation where you might have to employ this line of thinking? Examples I can think of would be for a tree trimming business to offer to string holiday lights, or for a portrait photographer to offer photo books, calendars, or holiday cards. Any other ideas? What else should we consider when thinking about branching out from our main line of business?