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    hthp23 Newbie

      Hi there,


      I'm taking the opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Bryan and I help run a website called How To Heat Press. We started the site at the end of 2016 and are pleased with the growth we have seen. As it begins to make a bit of money, the question is how much to re-invest into the business, and how much to take out? I think everyone in business must face this question!


      For those who have no idea what heat press machines are then let me tell you! They are the machines which apply transfers (images, text, designs) to t-shirts and other garments. Using heat, pressure and time, these machines make long lasting and hard wearing custom tees.


      Come and visit us to learn more - please comment as you see fit!

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          Moderator BethM Navigator

          Hi Bryan,


          Welcome to the community!


          What a neat business venture! How did you first get into heat pressing? How did you decide you wanted to take it from being a passion to making it you business?


          Feel free to take a look around the discussion boards. Ask questions you may have. Share your experiences with others who have questions.


          Please keep in mind our Community Guidelines when posting.


          Thank you,


          Beth M

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            moderator_lee Navigator

            Hi hthp23, welcome to our community. That sounds like an exciting business to be in, especially now at the height of digital technology. Branching off of a family business is a good way to start, you've got a base to help support you in some aspects since it is a related area. Cross-promotions and like shared offers, as well as cross-referrals, can also help you boost each other when a client may be interested in both services.


            Looking forward to hearing more about it, and offering input where we can when needed.