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    Small Business Innovation

    joeclark Newbie



      What are your thoughts on innovation especially innovation related to small businesses? Would you be interested in attending small business innovation courses and if so what should they be priced at and what would you like to learn?

      Here's some background to my question. I have specialised in different aspects of innovation management - in government and business spheres - for the last 6 years or so. I know that innovation is crucial for businesses, especially small businesses but find that there is either a poor understanding of what it entails, how to derive value from it and how to get started and maintain momentum.I went through many resources and even checked Small Business Marketing Examples for help but, did not find anything important.


      Please do send me your comments.

      Thank you.

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          moderator_mel Tracker

          Hi Joe Clark,

          Your question prompted me to do a quick bit of research. There are contracts and grants offered to select small businesses so that they may conduct research and development in their respective fields. The purpose of these funds is to encourage innovative ideas that may be lucrative yet are still considered too high risk for investors.


          While scanning the SBA site, I discovered that there were several departments that were required to reserve a portion of their research and development funds to award to small businesses. I chose to look over the 2016 report and learned that the appropriation of funds was spent on strengthening small businesses and providing access to capital. As a small business owner, this was rather eye opening. Do you include these the points in your courses? ~Moderator Mel