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    Improving Customer-care services??

    susan hughes Wayfarer

      I have been hearing a lot about tools that can help you improve your customer care services. Someone was telling me that i should get a CRM system. I have actually never heard any experience with such tools. If anyone can enlighten on the benefits of using a CRM system i would be highly grateful. 

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi Susan!  Good customer service for a business can leave a lasting impression on people.  Often it determines whether or not a customer will return or not.


          I cannot speak for  any tools, other than the personal touch.  Being able to speak to an actual person means a great deal to someone calling in. Getting an instant answer or at least someone to listen to your issue shows the one calling in that your business in interested in their business and wants to assist in a timely manner.


          I am just not sure that a tool can beat this personal response.  When I am having a problem and call in, I really appreciate talking to someone, even if they can't solve my problem instantly.  I know that someone has heard me and will be addressing my issue.



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              susan hughes Wayfarer

              Very useful points Cath, however the particular CRM i was talking about is used to store important customer data, for example, given that i run a Pizza place, if i was to deliver a pizza and my customer prefers customization then the system does that already for me because it has stored important information all my clients. It makes work easier because if it is a regular client then i have this type of requirements in the system already.

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                  moderator_lisa Ranger

                  This is a great question, and very relevant in today's market. My kids LOVE it when the "system" remembers them, and they often use apps to place orders for pickup at a convenient time. I'm not quite there yet.


                  That said, I frequently order the same thing from a local family-owned place that delivers everything from deli sandwiches and burgers to pizza and salads. I love that when I call them from a familiar phone number their system remembers my preferences. They're able to remember which door to use when delivering, that I don't like cheese on my French dip sandwich, and that I like an extra salad dressing with my salad for easier sharing. I'll admit, the first time it made me feel a bit odd when they knew so much about me. After the initial surprise wore off, I loved that they were able to call me by name and ask questions about my order from information provided on their computer. It makes me feel like a regular when someone asks me, "Can I get you your usual today, Lisa? And what time would you like it delivered?"