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    Eclipse 2017

    moderator_lisa Ranger

      Monday, August 21, 2017, is a momentous occasion for parts of the United States. A total solar eclipse is due to pass overhead starting in Oregon, and proceeding across the country to South Carolina. Many cities are expecting thousands of eclipse-following tourists to visit their local areas, clogging traffic and pumping millions of dollars into local economies. Campsites and hotels have been booked solid for months in advance of this event.


      Is your business in or near the line of totality? Have you had to, or do you anticipate having to, change your plan for the day, or even for the few days preceding or following the big event? What, if anything, have you done to make sure you're ready?



        • Re: Eclipse 2017
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Yes I agree, Monday August 21, will be a very exciting day.

          The United States will witness a total solar eclipse from coast to coast. Even parts of Alaska

          Astronomers call the rare phenomenon “The Great American Eclipse,” during which the moon

          overshadows and perfectly aligns with the sun to create a path of totality.

          This is the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the nation in 99 years.

          We (me and my business) are ready for it. I know that a lot of people will be ripped off.

          Hotel rooms are going for astronomical prices,

          The approved sun glasses (which should be FREE) are selling for out of sight prices.

          Just another excuse for good old Americans ripping off the public.

          Be Careful, Be Safe,  Don't look directly at the sun. LUCKIEST