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    Business start up on H4 VISA

    dcnishat Newbie

      Hi Friends, I would like to start up a company but not sure if I can on my current immigration status: H4. Please assist with advise.

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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          Hello, and welcome to the forums. My initial way of thinking is that you will want to contact an attorney to ask this question. An attorney who is familiar with both immigration and business establishment will be the best option to be sure you're getting the most relevant and accurate information. An accountant will also be able to assist you with how best to organize your fledgling company's financial options.


          Does anyone else have any suggestions or ideas?


          Good luck!



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            nj_ItInfra Adventurer

            Hi there,

            Being on H4 Visa, I don't think you can start a company.  You can do a volunteer work where you do not get any benefits in return.  Once you get your EAD, then you can open a company.