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    adamjane Newbie

      Hello everyone and thanks Cath for adding me here, I am new to this community had some experince in eCommerce and now looking for some ideas about dropshipping?

      If anyone has some experience in this field please let me know.

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          susan hughes Wayfarer

          From what i have heard about dropshopping is that you will need to know your products to be able to offer good customer-service and to effectively market your products. I think the most challenging part about dropshipping is picking a product that is really going to make a Wow!. In saying wow i mean that you need to find a product that is going to add value to the customers life and leave them wanting to come back to your store for more. With that being said, please give us some insight on how it goes because it sounds like a good business venture and other people in the forum might be interested in it as well

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            nicolesourcing Wayfarer

            Hello adamjane,


            Dropshipping is not a perfect solution, your profit will be lower but it allows you to sell any product without taking any risk.


            It is easy to start a dropshipping business, so easy that there is lot of competition, some markets are even completely saturated. Then the first thing to do before starting is to take the time to analyse the market if you don't want any bad surprise.


            The best place to find your products is Aliexpress. It's a B2C marketplace (but be careful of the counterfeits). Aliexpress products are cheap and there is a wide range of suppliers. You can even start dropshipping today for free! But always order your product one time to check its quality before selling it, it sounds obvious but not everybody do it.


            You can sell your products on your own website, on a marketplace like Amazon (very risky) or on a social media plateform like Facebook there is one thing you must not forget : to advertise. Take the time to advertise your products if you want a successful dropshipping business. Why would someone buy from your shop if they can buy from Aliexpress directly? When you sell products in your e-commerce website without stock thanks to dropshipping, your competitive advantage will be not your price or your exclusive items. Your success will depend of your ability to reach your customers before your competitors.


            One advice, try to sell niche products! you don't want too much competition, some of them might even be big companies you can't compete with.


            Once a customer order one of your item, you can decide to ship directly to the customer, or to you first.


            If you ship to the customer it will cost you less but you'll have no control over the quality and the package of your product. And the customer will have to pay the tax, you'll have to say it on your website or to propose a refund.


            If you ship to yourself before sending to the customer then you'll have more control over your product, but it will cost you more.


            I hope I was able to help you


            If you need my services or more information don't hesitate to contact me!

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              BASIT YOSUF Wayfarer

              Hi Adamjane,


              I think the best idea is to get your own selling platform.


              I also work a lot and finally created my own website by learning how to make a website and created websites in Prestashop and Opencart.


              I created Leather Jacket Collection. Started my own business, soon after I realized that I should look for such platform where we can sell collectively where lots of other suppliers are also there, since competition and a race improves you, therefore, I decided to create an account on Amazon and I created my own shop as well besides my website.


              I sell leather Jackets on my Amazon Shop & my Website and its been a year and I am enjoying a lot. This will be my first fall season as fall season is our niche.


              My sincere advise for you to go for the website if you are in hurry get it done by someone if not learn it by yourself how to make a website and get going.




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                leifstafff Newbie

                A dropshipping business can be run from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers easily, you can run and manage your business.