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    What is the worst job you have ever had?

    susan hughes Wayfarer

      After finishing college around 20 years ago, i travelled to the UK for 6 months. To finance myself after my savings decreased i got a job at a bar in London and my boss was a very rude man. I will never forget the day that we had so many customers that i was not able to attend to a table that had been waiting for around 5 minutes. When this customers left due to the frustrations of waiting boss poured vodka on my face and hair. All i remember was me picking my purse and leaving. A week later i came back to the States. I am interested to know, what are the worst jobs you have ever had?

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          What a fun discussion to start, Susan!  Sorry to hear about the lack of British hospitality towards you!  Sometimes no matter how good you may be at your job, it can certainly be made miserable without the lack of supportive management.


          Have you ever watched the show Dirty Jobs?   Very interesting to see all the different jobs that are out there that one never thinks of.


          I'd love to hear about some of our other members worst jobs.  Likewise, if you are an employer, what steps do you make to help your employees feel appreciated and valued?


          Great topic,


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            moderator_lee Navigator

            Great question, Susan. For me it's got to be custom web design and development. There are a lot of great business owners out there looking for this service, who bring their own ideas to the table but also respect the designer's experience and skill and so will compromise to have something they want and which will work best for their business.


            The frustrating part comes where the client constantly changes their mind and in one case even takes advice from everyone except the designer! This client would call up to have details changed every time any random person said they think that change would be neat. And in the end, as a creative person especially, it is just painful to have a result you don't even want to put your name on because of what a mess has been made out of it.


            I am sure there are much worse out there though, interested to hear from more members.



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              moderator_lisa Ranger

              My least favorite job ever was telemarketing for a photography company. The goal was to sell a portrait package on the phone, then collect information allowing someone to hand-deliver the portrait session certificate and schedule the appointment in person. We didn't take payments over the phone, we were not allowed to offer to mail the certificates to people, and we were not allowed to hang up until we had a sale or the prospective customer disconnected the call. If we made a sale, we had a bell to ring. I lasted one 8-hour shift and only heard the bell ring once. Definitely not the right job for me.


              Great question, Susan. Anyone else have any stories to tell?



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                thevideoguy Adventurer

                When I was about 20, I worked sales for an auto company.  This is when I realized I was not cut out for sales.  The last straw was when the company ran out of leads to call one month.  What to do then?  Use a new leads list called the "White Pages"!  They made me open the phone book and start cold-calling people right out of the residential phone book- all day long!


                I only lasted a few days after that.