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    A New Job Culture

    LUCKIEST Guide

      When you accept a job, most likely you look at responsibilities, salary, requirements and potential for promotion.

      But what will make or break a job will mostly be the culture.


      . (1) Get definitions straight.

      A prospective client asked if I could edit some content. I explained that I don't do editing.

      But as we talked, I realized she used the word "editing" to mean "writing copy starting with a written discussion of our target market."

      So "edit" might be a polite way of saying, "This report is worthless. Just start over."


      (2) Investigate the group's culture.

      Groups have norms about teasing, dressing up, initiating conversations, writing memos and lunch.

      Some people see an invitation to lunch as the closest thing to a marriage proposal, especially if a male invites a female or vice versa.
      Some groups have norms about bringing lunch, eating out, and skipping lunch to work out.


      (3) Avoid jumping to conclusions.

      Every time I changed jobs, even in the same career field, even in universities with similar structures, I bumped up against new cultures.


      Good luck