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    How do you influence or entice your customers to purchase your goods and services?

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      You can use these steps to create a blue print of sorts to determine which of these principles are successful.


      ·         Pack Mentality – Prove your popularity to your customer base and others will want to make similar purchases as well.

      ·         Scarcity – Customers want what they can’t get. Convincing interested buyers that the product or service you offer will not be readily on hand can increase their desire to purchase.

      ·         Authority – Demonstrate your expertise and customers will be more confident in purchasing your wares.

      ·         Commitment – When a customer appreciates a product or service they will most likely return to purchase these things again.

      ·         Reciprocity – Customers feel the need to return gestures by purchasing items they receive discounts or special deals on.


      Can you share a few of your tips and tricks for getting that sale? What is the mental medium that works best between you and your customers? How do you adapt to your customers changing needs? ~Moderator Mel