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    does anyone have good china supplier?

    alexwholesale Newbie
      does anyone have good china supplier? i got an email from a china company that called , did anyone do business with this company? do they trustworth?
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          Fact_Finder Adventurer

          I do not have any personal knowledge or experience with (although their site was inaccessible when I tried to look at it).

          Finding a good supplier will depend on what you're looking to import, and whether you want to buy a product they already manufacture o need them to build from your designs/specs.

          I have heard good things about and I do not have personal experience with either of these directories either, but have heard good things "through the grapevine."

          Good luck.
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            ctsong Newbie
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            KS Trading & Forwarder (Hereinafter
            abbreviated to KS) is a prospective and specialized trading and
            forwarder company with world-wide comprehensive businesses. Company's
            headquarters lies to the beautiful Pearl River-the largest river in
            Southern China, located in the most bustling business center of
            Guangzhou, which is the third largest city in China. KS's
            office-One-Link plaza is the biggest Toys and Gifts Wholesale Market
            in Southern China.

            <span s</span>

            spite of the headquarters in Guangzhou, KS sets offices and warehouse
            in Yiwu, Zhejiang, branches in many parts of Southeast Asia, including
            Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan, and agents in
            Australia, Europe, North/South America and Africa, Middle East.<span styl</p>

            is a professional provider of integrated trading and logistics services
            of shipping and air transport. Since the establishment, with the
            excellent management, KS has been expanding in a very high rate and
            keep the trading and forwarder service develop in a good balance. Our
            main services include:

            l Airport Picking up and Dropping off / Booking Discount Hotel / Renting Ca

            l Interpretation / Translation/ Meeting Arrangement / Business Negotiati

            l Customized Market Research / Tailor-made Business Pl

            l Information Consultant / Sourcing New Product or Suppli

            l Purchasing and Payment on Beha

            l Cargo Packing and Inspection / Custom declarati

            l Container Loading / Consolidation / Warehousi

            l Air and Sea Cargo / LCL and FCL shipping / Door to Door Servi

            KS is a local to help you in every way possible

            on a solid information infrastructure, using the platform of the
            Internet, we can always provide customers with the latest and most
            accurate commercial informat

            <font st</p>

            years of operating experience, our professional stuff take a service
            philosophy of "customer orientation", can provide customers with
            tailor-made personalized management program of supply chain, ensure an
            effective flow of cargoes and materials through the supply chains, to
            minimize costs and save the time. And we have won customers' deep trust
            and hig

            "Big Enough to Meet Your Needs & Small Enough to Care Your Service."
            KS will offer you a "Professional, Quick, and Reliable" service! All
            enquiries are welcome and sincerely expect to coo

            <font st</p>
            *Key to Success for your business in everywhere of Chi
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              ctsong Newbie
              i now in china i can help u to soruce for supplier, what's is your "need"
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Does anyone have good china supplier? Welcome

                Tell us more about yourself??. Who are you?? Where are you??

                The posing above this is " ctsong " might help.

                there have been other posting over the last month from companies in China
                who want to suppliers to U S Companies.

                good luck, LUCKIEST
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                  asilverio Newbie
                  Hello Alex,

                  I am living in China and own my trading company and furniture factory here. Let me know if I can help you source any product. I also have my office in the USA which handles the distribution of all my imports.

                  You may reach me at any of the numbers below.



                  Silverline Industry Limited Company
                  No.2 ,Hua Ying Road
                  Xin Qing Science & Technology Industrial Park
                  Dou Men County Zhu Hai China 519180
                  Phone# :(00)86-0756-5123600
                  Fax #: (00)86-0756-5123300
                  China Cell 011 86 13602540060.

                  Silverline Furniture
                  10545 NW 37th Terrace
                  Doral, FL 33178
                  O 305 663-9560
                  F 305 663-9562
                  USA Cell 305 772-4057
                  Skype asilverio